We are aware that there exist fictitious entities and/or individuals who are using, pretending, or claiming to be connected or affiliated with Ayudas.

Please be advised that Ayudas is owned and registered under Armorak Lending Inc. It has not authorized anyone or any group to use its name or logo for any activities or business nor have ever used, nor will it ever use, personal bank accounts of individuals or agents for repayments.

Ayudas has always conducted its business and transactions in a reputable and legitimate manner. It has not nor will it engage in any unscrupulous activities that will hurt or damage its business name and reputation.

In light of this, we strongly advise the public to exclusively transact with either the Ayudas App (downloading links of App and Google platform) or this Ayudas Website. These official channels are the only authorized platforms for conducting business related to Ayudas.

Finally, we likewise urge the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious transactions and unscrupulous activities to [Contact information of the Armorak Customer Service team].


Thank you for your continuous support and cooperation.